Monday, October 22, 2018


Can I just start writing blogs again?

Do people even read blog nowadays? I feel like I can express myself better by writing here.

But oh god. It has been ages ago since I last write something here. I'd miss this blog but I just can't seem to bring myself to write anything. I guess life goes on, you found some other better medium to share stuff, so you just forget about the old one.

I realised that here you can write longer and people actually gave a shit about it. Since they are the one that choose to be here and read your rants. I feel like no one actually care/read if you wrote some long ass caption on your Instagram pictures nor those micro ranting on twitter. Idk. Maybe some would. I know I won't.

Anyway, life update. Gosh it's 2018 guys. AND it's ending soon! Like it's already end of September! and I'm here still figuring out shit.

My last post was November 2013. Thats a 5 years update that I need to do. So um nevermind.

Physical: I don't think this is necessary but during 2013 I still weigh 98 kg yall. Pls. I'm surprised that no one slap all of the food out of my hands. I managed to lost it and weigh normally in 2016. Losing weigh was not the hardest part of the journey. The real struggle is trying to maintain the weight. Tbh, I have never been comfortable talking about this. Maybe I'll do a separate post if I feel like I'm ready to talk about it? Hm we'll see.

Travel: The last place I visited was Taipei, Taiwan. I've been to Japan and Thailand mostly these past few years.

Yang Ming Shan National Park, Taipei.
Promthep Cape, Phuket, Thailand.

Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

I got to see the sakura flowers when I was in Japan and that was the best part of my birthday trip that year! I went to Bangkok for this year's trip. It was fun too. Soooo many places to shop and makeup stuffs are everywhere. My eyes were going crazy most of the time. However, I could never been able to go to all of these trips if it's not for Iskandar who always bring me together on his adventures and take all of these amazing pictures. If you are reading this, thank you! 

Study: Graduated, baby 😏! In 2016.

Work: Currently working in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). Also on Saturdays, I teach kids martial arts Choi Kwang Do in Sri Hartamas.

Life: I'm a full time vegan 😌 I've been a vegan since 2016 and it was a very interesting journey and I've made a lot of new friends along this journey. I also was given a chance to start baking again (vegan cakes yum!) when I was working in Sala. Sala is a tex-mex vegan restaurant that serves amazing burrito and tacos!

Meet Fauzi! My (used-to-be) boss and my gossip buddy 💕

y'all my photography skills tho. i made them look way more delicious. hah! 👅

Love: I'm currently in love with my baby.

His name is Baby. That's Mr. Baby for you.
he's super cute and i'll hug him as soon as i get home and annoyed the hell out of him.

I also have another baby. But y'all can see that one all over my instagram (if you do follow me on there 😌😏)

Hmmm what else. I think that's all for now? I can't think of anything else to write/update for now. The only reason I decided to finish editing this post (kept it in drafts for almost two weeks now) is just because I need to start ranting about some other shit so I feel like I somehow need a proper intro before all that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This is me really updating my blog. Forreal.

Salam. Hello. Hi.

"It's been ages since I posted anything on this blog"

Don't you just get tired of that?
I know right? I said that every single time I update my freaking blog. This bring us to a conclusion where every time I promised I would update my blog frequently, I lied.

It's not like I don't want to blog, I just don't have time. And when I do have the time, I don't have anything to write.
Vice versa.

And now, since I'm on my holiday now, why not.

Someone said to me last few days ago, "Blog? Does anyone really blog anymore?"
True. Is there?

I don't know. But my friends don't. Not that I know of.

Anyways, I have my own photography page now. Knowing myself, I would never ever do that. I mean it's embarrassing to have my own photography page considering that my photos are not as good as others photography. Mine is just amateur. 

There's a story behind that page. The story that only both of us know. Hahaha. Sounds creepy don't it?
Just some silly story actually. But what the hell. What is done, is done.

It's like a week old. So yeah. If you want to see some crappy photography, do check it out. Hahaha.

I think that's it for now.

I'm dead bored.


-Aisya J.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Heart (Part 1)

Last week two weeks, before puasa someone decided to come and see me here in KL. I was so excited lah kan. Last jumpa dia was like 6 months ago.

Wanted to pick him up but I never went to the Subang airport and asked Haziq and Has to drive me instead. Using my car lah but Haziq yang drive sebab memang taktau langsung T_T

On the way to the airport, haishhh memang sesat. Omg the roads are so confusing. Dengan takde signboard semua cukup. Nasib baik tak puasa lagi time tu. If not memang dah batal sebab marah banyak sangat.

We arrived the airport like 2 hours late. Haha! Kesian dia tunggu lama. Tapi kesian lagi la dekat kitorang yang sesat ni. Bila sampai turun la pegi cari dia. Tinggal Haziq & Has dalam kereta. Bila dah jumpa dia, keluar keluar tengok dorang dah takde. Pakcik guard tu tak bagi park situ so dorang pusing. Dah la nak pusing pun jauh gila. I hate Subang's airport.

Time tengah tunggu dorang pusing.
Him : Jom laaaa masuk balik. Panas dekat luar ni T___T *lap lap peluh*
Me : Tanaaaaaaaaaaak. Hihi.
Then we all went to Seoul Garden! Wehuu~ Onie dah tunggu siap siap dekat sana. Hehe. Kempunan makan Seoul Garden since forever. Dekat Sabah takde tau T_T Seksa.

Us at Seoul Garden.
Aiman yang masakkan semua untuk saye dan Onie lalala~
Haziq masakkan untuk Has sorang. Boo~ Haha!

Ni adalah 6 gambar dari beribu yang ditangkap.
Lepas makan kitorang jalan jalan shopping shopping sikit.

Him :) *melts*
Gembira dapat jumpa baju Batman.
Thennnnnn I found this at Candylicious!

It's Hello Kitty's Favorite Flavors tau!
Ahhh. It's like eating Hello Kitty's fav food! Me want that!

And as usual a great thing always come to it's end. We all went back after that. I was really happy to get to meet him. I've missed him a lot. And I had a great time hanging out with him and my friends. Yey! Haha!


I don't even know how to end this post.

Um. So.. yeah.

I think that's it for now.


Aisya J.